Thursday, 22 May 2008

Day 2 (New York - La Milpa, Belize)

Well with a 5:45 alarm call it was never going to be a great start to the day.

But a decent taxi ride over to LaGuadia and a very quick checkin got us into the terminal in great time. Obviously the plane was delayed by 30 mins by a light not working in the cockpit (they rebooted and it was ok lol) a bit more delay on the tarmac as we were 10th in line for takeoff (20 mins) but somehow we got to Miami only 30 mins late. However deplaning was easy and we were are the desk for Belize with an hour to spare.

The flight to Belize was delayed as the seat the pilot sat on was broke so an engineer was needed to fix it. We set off the flight was fine and we landed to 97 degree heat as expected. We were met at the airport but an entertaining chap who picked us up in a Toyota Hilux (aircondidtioned cabin the pickup on the back) all very civilised. It is difficult to know what to expect when you go away to these places but it was all remarkable normal and the petrol station we stopped in could have been in the UK. (and the radio was playing the Police followed by U2)

The drive up to La Milpa took 2.5 hours, half on tarmaced roads and half on unpaved. but it was quick and efficient. the driver was great and gave us a running commentary of what we were passing and stuff happening in Belize. The rises in prices are hitting them very hard here with petrol up 5 times from 15 years ago, where as it has prob only double with us. The cabana's are great with a large room, ensuite bathroom and 2 large beds with mosquito nets which could be fun tonight.

The rainy season should start in the next few weeks so we should be ok and avoid that (just).

The evening ended with dinner which was rice (with beans) and beef with spicy sauce) and an introduction to Belikin Beer.

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