Saturday, 24 May 2008

Day 10 (Wot a Scorcher)

A relatively normal start to the say with waking up at 7:45 so that breakfast could be fitted in before we need to be at the dock for a 9am start for the snorkeling. We got on the boat and were taken out to Silk Key a proper desert island, well it had palm trees, and some picnic tables. Us snorkelers were dropped off and the divers went off to a different site, (me jealous - er ya) So the group of snorkelers followed our guide round the island looking at the coral, and the fish that swam around it.

I took a load of photos but to be honest i was rather disappointed in them, i need to learn the best angle to shoot the camera as well as getting as close as possible. The fish i did manage to see were a Sargent major fish, yellow goatfish & bluehead wrasse. Hopefully i can get some photos on here soon.

It is looking like we may not get to see the Whale sharks, as they were only in the area over the new moon which was a couple of days ago, and whilst reports are that they were seen easily for two days before the full moon, only one was seen on the day of it and they are not even sending about to the normal place anymore as they have moved on. It is possible we will see then further north as they pass that way, but we may be a little late.

The divers came back to join us for lunch on the island, and then everyone wasted an hour while the food digested and we could all go back out. I had a chat to a guy from San Fran who was doing a medical degree in NY, who knew the owner of Facebook, in his 20's, still living in the same apartment he always did and last seen throwing up on the side of the road, (i guess the Microsoft millions have not changed him)

We went for a second dive in the afternoon, not seeing many new fish but we did manage to see a large Eagle ray, which looked magnificent. I was not quite close enough to it to get great photos but he is clearly visible but the particles in the water have made the photo very white as they reflect the light. The sun was HOT very HOT, fortunately i listened to the guide when he said wear a t shirt which was a great result as my back did not get burned however the back of my lower legs and back of my arms did.

Which leads ud onto Hypochondria update. So the big bite on my leg when yellow as a big bruise then went away, the bite on my arm vanished. The sharp stabbing pain in my shoulder took 2 days to go but was agony when i moved in the wrong way. So i just need to lose the sunburn and then see what else i can pick up. [/moan]

Tomorrow we fly up to Belize city for our 6th hotel in 11 days but will stay there for 7 nights and go diving.

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