Thursday, 22 May 2008

Day 9 (Monkey River)

Yey another 6:30 am start, as we had to get to breakfast for 7am so that we could be at the dock for 8am so that we could join a trip to Monkey river. Breakfast took ages so we wandered onto the dock at 8:01 just about perfect. The boat was a 12 seat fibreglass hull with a massive engine. This was great as we set off taking the 14 miles to the mouth of the river. We went very quickly, which was great. On reaching the general area the pilot /guide of the boat took us though some islands (v small) so that he could fling the boat round tight turns at high speed.

As we slowed down to get up the river we saw, hawks, herons, vultures, although we never saw any crocodiles. After an hour so so of heading up the river we got off the boat to look for howler monkey's, (appropriate given the name of the river), we found some in the top of the canopy although it has to be said that by now we were distinctly unimpressed. We had the usual trees shown to us, but nothing new. We got back in the boat to search for the crocs or other birds. Eventually we gave up on that and went flat out back to the village for lunch, this was superb as we got the boat thrown round the corners very quickly with the boat practically overstearing into each corner.

We made lunch in the village, having rice and beans with Cajun chicken. Then we took off in the boat towards the sea in a hope of finding Manatees, Eventually we saw the top of the head of a manatee which was distinctly unimpressive given they are huge animals and known as the cows of the sea. However to make it worthwhile we saw 3 dolphins who were performing as normal zipping in and out of the water. Then we raced back into to the hotel.

Tomorrow we are going to go snorkeling, in anticipation of our week diving.

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