Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Day 11 (Time to go diving)

Today was a simple day that required to move from Roberts Grove to Turneffe Atoll. This was great as it required a late start and breakfast could be taken at the unbelievably late hour of 9:30am. Now time in Belize on holiday takes on a whole different meaning, there is no staying up till one in the morning but rather after dinner at 7-9pm then not a lot happens. This means that everyone goes to bed by 10pm, however this does allow waking up at anything from 6am onwards as I have moaned about incessantly. Ok final comment about the resort, most customers are rich Americans and there are more false breasts than in an episode of Baywatch (note to Melissa, I didn't look, someone told me, honest ;-) )

We then got our bags collected from the room, and got in the minibus to get taken down to the "airport" of Placencia. Now this airport technically has 2 terminals one for Maya air which we flew and another one for Torpical air. I say technically as they are basically 2 sheds, ours had a desk where they check your name and then put a coloured tag on your bag, and that was it. You could wonder out of the front door and then go back in again and out onto the airstrip. The security was relaxed to say the least and given we were on Latin American time we were a little late but no one really cared apart from the obsessive American family who's Mum was fretting about everything and the Kids were trying to look like they were parented by someone else, with the dad looking resigned. Anyway she appeared to approve of the baggage loading that she religiously supervised.

Anyway the flight was fine and we landed first on the municipal airstrip in the middle of Belize city rather than the international airport, basically a landing strip on the edge of the ocean, it would have been very cool if our boat had collected us from shore there but sadly there was a guy with a sign and a van which took the bags from the guy who dragged them from the plane and put them in the van, we did not even enter a building just plane to van.

This took us to the dock, by a hotel so we chilled out at a bar and drank some beer and waited to be able to set off. Another plane had obviously arrived so we could set off and we had a 75 min trip over some fairly rough seas to the Turnleffe flats resort. The place is very chilled out and we are in fat the only divers this week so we will have the boat to ourselves. We have chatted to the owners tonight who are a nice couple and so far so good.

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