Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Day 16 (Here comes the rain again)

Well it was a disjointed day the plan was to do 2 dives in the morning and then do a night dive, but events happened. We got the first dive in and it was a nice deep dive about 32m a wall of coral and then a sandy bottom with coral heads. Again we managed to finish the dive with the sight of a manatee, now we have done so well this trip seeing them but i am assured that it is pretty rare. This guy was very friendly and as we had not raced up to him but stayed deep and take photos from a distance he did not seem to bothered with hanging around and looking at us as we looked at him. A very cool experience.

Then we should have had our hour surface interval, and then the second dive but, we could see huge black clouds on the horizon dishing out loads of rain, so we made a run for it back to the lodge. We got caught in the rain on the way back but it was better than being stuck out there. We then did the second dive on the reef just outside the reef from the lodge, this meant a nice quick journey there, a pleasant dive but more rain, and I walked back to my room in the wet suit as it was the best option.

The night dive then took place just inside the reef wall near the lodge, it was in 10ft of water and had a fairly strong current. There were also loads of tiny worms in the water that were overly attracted to my dive light and all in all it was a fairly yucky dive, Alex and Adrian saw, crabs, lobsters, snake eels, I saw one moray eel that ran away before I could photo it.

Last two dives tomorrow before our 24 hour surface interval required before we fly back so heres hoping the weather holds, although there is talk of a tropical storm heading in from the pacific.

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