Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Day 17 (more rain)

Well the good weather could not last for ever, following the previous nights very wet night dive we were due to go to the Elbow on the southern tip of Turneffe atoll but the weather was too bad, so we settled for a couple of dives on the east side of the atoll. The weather on the boat was not exactly pleasant but once we were underwater the visibility was great and we were able to see the usual small fish underwater along with the moray eels again and a lizard fish that was resting on some coral.

The resort that we were staying on was Turneffe flats, a series of lodges on the west side of the atoll, with a number of cabins to stay in and a main lodge for breakfast / dinner and the bar and lounge area. The food all week was amazing with a variety of local dishes, and only rice and beans once. tonight we got to eat some red snapper that had been caught by on of the fisherman staying in the lodge this week. As Adrian and i were the only divers on site this week we had the boat and guide to ourselves. There were about a dozen other fishermen who were here to fish for the Permit, Tarpin and Bonefish. Each night was peppered with stories of those that were caught and those that escaped.

It is the last night on the island tonight with a 7:30 trip back on the boat to the city tomorrow morning.

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