Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Day 15 (Manatee's)

So day 4 of diving and after yesterdays blue hole, sharks and Turtle there was not going to be much of a chance of topping that. However we set off on the boat and as we made our way across the lagoon Alex spotted a manatee - even i could see his outline in the water as it was that close, so we got out snorkel gear on to try and swim with him but by the time we were ready he had wandered off.

Dive 1 was a nice deep wall dive at around 33m loads of coral and the usual fish. The dive ended really well then we saw above us 3 manatees just wandering along at the surface, so taking a few photos before they wandered off we got a good look at the huge creatures and a couple of good photos.

Dive 2 started badly when the effect of seasickness caught with me and I managed to throw up underwater - an interesting experience, avoiding the whole drowning thing was the important bit. Anyway after that i felt much better and we went past the most unimpressive wreak ever seen, basically a metal canoe. Some squirrel fish made up the highlights of the rest of the dive.

Dive 3 saw us do another shallow dive on a sandy floor covered in coral heads. As ever we did well at the end of the dive and saw a stingray which kindly decided to rest itself in the sand not far from us so we could swim over and take photos.

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