Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Day 18 (Off to Miami)

Well it was finally time to leave, the company has been great, the food wonderful but the weather ended on a downer as the tropical storm that had started over the pacific and passed over Nicaragua landed on the Yucatan peninsula. It was windy and wet for the last day. We had an early start at 6:30am as we needed to leave the dock at 7:30 am. Our bags were fully packed at least 15 mins before the boat left - no rush. The boat trip was bumpy but not a problem and we arrived in Belize city in good time.

We got into a car to be taken through the rain to the airport, on getting our I had forgotten how warm it was and it was a strange experience to be in English rain in tropical temps. Check in was quick and easy and a bit of last minute shopping at the shops in Belize airport and we were of to Miami.

Arrived simply in Miami and another long walk through the concourses of Miami, I seem to have done a lot of that, but we were soon outside and into a taxi heading tot he beach. We check into our hotel "the Raleigh" on Miami Beach and very nice it is to. We were there by 5pm so we raced out to the pool and bought cocktails and cold beer and sat in the sun. Very posh and very nice.

In the evening we went for a beer in a hotel slightly down the beach called the Delano the whole hotel from front to back had 25ft ceilings, only 20m wide but very long, each 10m or so was broken up with floor to ceiling white chiffon curtains, see through but classy. Very posh Miami clientel (plus us) so we had a wander, drank some glasses of champagne, played a game of pool and feeling like i wanted to stay there for ever decided we had to leave to get something to eat.

We ate dinner back at the Raleigh but were too tired to even finish the bottle of wine with dinner.

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