Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Day 13 (Dolphins)

So day 2 of the diving, well it is still rather windy and overcast, although today was brighter than yesterday and we had patches of blue sky between the clouds. However the moderate winds may make a trip out to the Blue Hole impossible as it would be too choppy for the boat to get there. That would be a shame but lets see what tomorrow brings.

Today again we went out to the east side of the atoll a little north of where we were yesterday.

Dive 1 - The Trench (i think) well we dived down about 32 m to a sandy ledge that fell again deeper to over 1000 ft eventually, however we stayed at this level and then made our way back up the wall of coral to shallower depths. We say a trumpet fish in addition to the usual small fish but not much more interesting I can remember.

Dive 2 - Mandys corner/ Chasbo - We got to see dome dolphins as we entered the water, and i have a pic of them above me, as i took my camera out for the first time. IT is very hard to get decent pictures are so much colour is lose as you dive deeper and the red light is refracted away. Hopefully i will get better, it was not too much of a problem diving with the camera and i am sure i will take at least one good photo by the end of the trip. We saw a couple of different types of eel, golden headed eel and green moray eel.

Dive 3 - Tunnels and Barrels - this dive was good fun as we got to go though 3 tunnels that had been made by corals that had grown upwards and met at the top. We could swim along the sandy bottom of them and pop up at the end. A large green moray eel was seen along with the usual suspects in there cast of thousands. The barrels in the name relate to the barrel corals that was found on the dive.

Off to dinner soon - lets hope its not rice and beans :).

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